Presentation Skills Improvement Coaching

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Say NO to boring presentations!

If you have attended an academic conference, you know that the vast majority of speakers are boring. Or confusing. Or impossible to understand. You do not want to be one of them! Imagine how your research career will take off when you begin giving impressive presentations. My one-on-one presentation skills improvement coaching can take your skills to the next level.

It can be hard to admit that you need help with your academic presentation skills or with your academic English if you are a non-native speaker.

My grandfather used to say “if you can’t figure something out, get the instructions out of the trash basket and try reading them.” Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual for presentations, because each one is different, with a different audience and a different goal. Now, with my one-on-one coaching, you no longer need to struggle on your own—perhaps for years—and you will have some tools you can use to improve not only your next presentation, but all future presentations.

Working with a coach is a smart choice. Researchers and students need someone who can give them unbiased advice and suggestions specific to their problems and concerns. If you are nervous when you think about presenting your research, practice will help you feel more confident.

One-hour coaching sessions via Skype

With just one coaching session, your presentation skills can improve drastically! Instead of the generic advice found in books and on websites, you will present your talk to me over skype and I will provide feedback on all aspects of it.

Objectives and audience
Quality of speaking (too slow/fast, accent, confusing, etc.)
Parts of talk (Introduction, Methodology, Questions, etc.)
Storytelling and research argument
Slides or poster and Handouts

Only $49 for a one-hour session.

Is coaching for you?

Are you a researcher, lecturer, professor or university student?
Are you worried that you have made too many slides, or have too many things on each one?
Are you uncomfortable speaking in public?
Are you worried that you will go over the time limit for your talk and be cut off?
Are you unsure about your accent and the pronunciation of specific words?

You want to focus on your content, and show your audience how amazing your research is. You are a specialist, but not in public speaking! Unfortunately, how well you present your ideas will make an enormous difference in how well they are accepted. What would it mean to your success, to your future, if you gave an excellent presentation of your research? My inexpensive coaching session will identify what you need to improve and provide practice in front of a live audience (of one).

Only $49 for a one-hour session.

Dr. Naomi Moraes, professional linguist

I love to speak in public! I get a little nervous right before, and ask myself “why did I agree to give this talk???” But then I feel so energized as soon as I start talking and I feel so happy afterward when people come up to me and tell me how helpful the information was.

I have given many successful talks and attended hundreds of boring (and a few excellent) talks over the last few decades. Practicing and obtaining feedback is the most efficient way to improve your academic presentation skills. Let’s practice together!


Naomi helped me improve two talks, providing feedback on both the content and my speech. I took notes on her suggestions and comments and they were a great help in improving my speaking skills in English. I like to review these notes every time I have to give a presentation in English. — Francisco, Electrical Engineering Professor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does online coaching work?

We schedule a day and time, and then meet on skype or zoom. During the coaching session, you open your presentation on your screen and then share your screen with me so I can see the slides you are referring to as you talk. For talks without slides, common in some fields like the humanities, we could use webcams.

2. Is coaching only for native speakers of English, or only for non-native speakers?

Coaching is helpful for both native and non-native speakers of English. The focus would just shift somewhat.

3. What if I will be presenting a poster in a poster session, rather than a talk?

That can be even harder, because you need to give the same 2- or 3-minute presentation (or elevator speech) over and over again, with slight variations depending on what the listener is interested in. Coaching can help with that too!

4. I am afraid of public speaking! How can you help me?

I am not a psychologist, but practicing with me, and then with others or on your own, will boost your confidence and should lessen your fear. Personally, when I am about to give a talk, I feel a little shiver down my spine and think to myself: “Why did I agree to give this talk? Why am I putting myself through this?” But then, as soon as I start giving the talk, I enjoy myself and remember the things I said during practice, how I wanted to explain things, and my enthusiasm for sharing my knowledge. The few times that I have given a talk without practicing first were a disaster, and I learned never to skip practice!

5. What about the questions at the end of the talk? Can you help me answer those effectively?

Yes! We can practice answering questions at the end of the talk. The first step is for you to write up a list of the most likely questions and your answers to them. Also write up a list of the questions you hope no one will ask! It is always good to be ready with an answer for all types of questions.

Any questions?

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