How to Write an Academic Abstract — Online Course

Writing an academic abstract - pen on paper

Do you need to write an academic abstract for your article, thesis, or a conference presentation? It’s not an easy task, whether English is your native language or not.

Write your abstract step-by-step in my How to Write an Academic Abstract course! Whether you’re a professor, researcher, graduate student or undergraduate, this course is for you.

Finish the course with a completed abstract for your research.

Unique Course Features


Walks you through the process of writing your abstract


Learn what you need to know quickly


No need for an extended course on English for academic purposes

Why are abstracts so important?

Many journals and conferences reject submissions based on just the abstract… don’t let that be you
Even if your article or thesis is published, many people will never read past the abstract if it is not well written

Why should you take my course?

My abstract courses are discipline-specific because different fields have different customs
The courses contain extra material for English-language learners (ESL/EFL)
Engineering gears

How to Write an Academic Abstract – Engineering, Science and Mathematics

Learn by analyzing well-written abstracts in engineering, science, and math

Business research - two people shaking hands

How to Write an Academic Abstract – Business, Economics and Management

Learn by analyzing well-written abstracts in the social sciences, business, economics, and law

Education research - Children eating snack

How to Write an Academic Abstract – Social Sciences and Education

Learn by analyzing well-written abstracts in the humanities

What will you learn in this course?

After this course…

You’ll understand the basic template used for creating academic or scientific abstracts
You’ll be familiar with the vocabulary and phrases commonly used in abstracts
You’ll be able to write your own abstracts easily
You will understand how to comply with specific requirements, such as MLA or APA style

And you will have…

An effective, well-written abstract for your research
A pdf guide summarizing what you learned for future reference

This course is for you if:

You’re unsure what to include in your abstract
You want a template and examples to guide you
You would like to learn the academic vocabulary, phrases, and structures used in abstracts in your field
You do not have time to take a long, general English for Academic Purposes course, whether online or in-person
Having your conference abstract approved, or having your paper accepted, is very important to you and your career

Would you like this course for your university or school?

Would you like to incorporate this online course into an in-person course at your university? Or perhaps offer it to your students as part of their Academic English training? That’s a great idea, because you can get discounts when you buy in bulk. An instructor or administrator at your institution can become the coordinator for the group, access statistics and grades for all students, and even provide personalized feedback through the learning management system. Contact me through the contact page for further information.

Any questions?

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