How to Avoid Plagiarism – Online Course

IHEID Library Geneva - how to avoid plagiarism when citing references

If you commit plagiarism…

On a thesis or dissertation, you can be forced to leave your university without your degree
On a research article, your paper will be rejected, and you will earn a bad reputation amongst your peers
On a university paper, you will not receive credit for the course and may be subject to disciplinary measures

Learn how to avoid plagiarism when writing an academic text in my How to Avoid Plagiarism course!

Finish the course confident in your abilities to summarize, paraphrase and cite references correctly.


Learn what you need to know quickly

Detailed Explanations

Examples and exercises help you understand and incorporate the process into your research


No need for an extended general Academic English course

What will you learn in this course on How to Avoid Plagiarism?

How to take notes in the best way to reduce your chances of committing plagiarism by mistake
How to cite authors correctly, either using quotes or paraphrasing
How to understand and use different citation styles
How to use different tools to record references, take notes and insert citation information automatically into your text

After this course…

You’ll understand what plagiarism is and how it can hurt you
You’ll know how to avoid plagiarism when writing
You’ll be able to take notes in the most effective way for later writing and referencing
You’ll understand how to comply with specific requirements, such as MLA or APA style

And you will have…

A pdf guide summarizing what you learned for future reference

What topics are covered in our course on How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Definition of plagiarism
Danger of plagiarizing
Notetaking methods
Paraphrasing effectively
Summarizing without plagiarizing
How to incorporate ideas from references into your text
Different citation phrases and structures
Different citation styles (MLA, Harvard, etc.)
Plagiarism detection software

This course is for you if:

You are unsure how to cite references in your academic texts
You want a template and examples to guide you
You would like to learn the Academic vocabulary, phrases and structures used when citing and paraphrasing
You do not have time to take a long, general English for Academic Purposes course, whether online or in-person
Having your thesis or dissertation approved, or having your paper accepted, is very important to you and your career

Would you like to use this course at your university or school?

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