Academic English Secrets

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Finally master English, improve your grades and land your dream job — without wasting time.

Studying at a foreign university is a HUGE investment, and a critical moment along the path to your dream career. Maybe you were a star student in your country, but now your English just isn’t good enough to compete with the best students in the world.

You know that English skills are crucial. You also don’t have much time to work on improving your English because you need to focus on your degree studies. If only you could learn just the things that would make the most impact on your academic performance in the shortest amount of time…

I have studied 10 languages so far and taught Academic English at a Brazilian university. I can teach you what you need to improve rapidly, without wasting time on conversation classes or unneeded grammar lessons.


Academic English Secrets for Foreign Students

an effective framework to help you improve quickly, focusing on your specific needs and giving you the tools to become successful at university and in your career.

Academic English Secrets was designed to help foreign students attending English-language universities who are struggling because their academic English skills are not quite good enough and are having trouble understanding a new academic culture.

After taking this 8-week online course, you will:

Feel more confident communicating in English and participating in class,
Learn vocabulary more easily,
Understand your professors and classmates better,
Write more accurately

and be on your way to success in your dream career.

In this course…

You won’t waste time doing the same grammar and vocabulary drills you have seen over and over again. You won’t watch boring videos about how to order food in a restaurant. You will focus on the vocabulary you need in your area, and the skills you need most as a foreign student.

I know you may be thinking that you don’t have time, but you can improve a lot in just 15–30 minutes a day if you know how to study effectively.

You will learn:

How to improve your speaking skills without paying for a tutor,
How to use new vocabulary (not just memorize it),
How to talk about academic topics,
How to improve your pronunciation,
How to improve your listening skills,
How to improve your writing,
How to get the most out of lectures, and
How to use the most effective study techniques.

Special Introductory Price: $ 350

Starts October 6, 2023


Worksheets so that you can keep track of what you learn as you progress.
Live office hours so that you can get your questions answered directly.
Online flashcards to practice what you have learned.
One or more language partners so that you can practice speaking English.

You got into a university, you study all the time, why not aim to be the best?

Why not learn how to be even more successful, increasing your chances of landing your dream job?

Why not learn how to become more a part of the university community, increasing your happiness and making contacts that can help you in the future?

Hi, I’m Naomi Sutcliffe de Moraes.

If you’re a foreign student, researcher or professor in the United States or Canada, and are having trouble keeping up because your English skills are just not quite good enough, I can help.

Dr. Naomi Nascimento, professional linguist

I have a PhD in Linguistics from the University of São Paulo (the top-ranked university in Latin America), a master’s degree in theoretical physics from the University of California (UCLA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, also from UCLA. As a professor of Academic English at the well-respected Federal University of the ABC region in Santo André, Brazil (UFABC), I developed a special approach to teaching academic English that takes advantage of online resources and social networks.

I know what you are going through because I have been there — in reverse, doing a PhD in Portuguese — and through my students at UFABC. I have also studied many foreign languages and, most importantly, researched the best language mastery techniques for advanced students.

Would you like to use this course at your university or school?

Would you like to incorporate this online course into an in-person course at your university? Or perhaps offer it to your students as part of their Academic English training? That’s a great idea, because you can get discounts when you buy in bulk. An instructor or administrator at your institution can become the coordinator for the group, access statistics and grades for all students, and even provide personalized feedback through the learning management system. Contact me through the contact page for further information.

Any questions?

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