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My Academic English courses teach you vital skills you can apply at once.
If you are a researcher, learn how to structure an abstract or research article, improve your grammar, learn which verbs to use or avoid, and get your research article or abstract accepted through our training courses!
Whether you are a professor, researcher, graduate student or undergraduate student, we can help you read English academic texts more quickly, understand lectures and videos better, and improve your written and spoken communication skills.

Fast and lasting

Make quick and lasting improvements to your English skills

Just what you need

Learn the English skills you need now, at university

Learning strategies

Follow tips on how to improve your English outside the course

Writing an academic abstract - pen on paper

How to Write an Academic Abstract

Guides you step-by-step through writing an effective abstract
Learn by studying abstracts in your field
Extra material for English-language learners (ESL/EFL)
Finish the course with a written abstract for your research

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Provides detailed explanations of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it
Learn by studying examples and doing exercises to improve understanding
Teaches productive notetaking procedures and tools
Finish the course confident in your abilities to paraphrase and cite references correctly